Do You Remember? Egyptian Goddesses By Dior Couture Spring 2004

by gimmegoodstyle

egyptian goddesses ss 2004 dior couture

It’s hard not to talk about Galliano and his legendary legacies in Dior because he is such an influential designer for me. He was at the top of creativity monarch. Almost as theatrical as Alexander McQueen and even more skilled than any couturier I know (from Style, but that’s quite a relevant source).

One collection that I will always remember is Egyptian Goddesses for Dior Couture Spring 2004. Man…those golds, those volumes, those make ups, those exotic skins (also those goatees). Everything is a magical fashion-egyptian parade. Even more than that, I think this collection communicates how universal fashion can be. It’s not for French people only and it’s not for New Yorkers. It’s for everyone and it can come up from everywhere. There is no limitation and we should be proud to take part of this amazing concept.

Maybe I over-think this one.

Taken from Vanity Fair