Little Black Dress 101

by gimmegoodstyle

little black dress

It is hard to have to go to shop and think about what outfit do you have to wear tonight to hangout with your… significant others. Some dresses are just too formal and the others don’t even fit in your current post-winter body shape. No need to be ashamed of, every normal girl in the world (at least in countries with 4 seasons) feel the same way with you. But this is not the reason to be all happy and wear those disgusting pajamas all over the city. Ck, we will definitely find something else. And…if we can’t do it, we always have a second (and hopefully) last alternative choice.

Little black dress

Okay…black dress can be a little bit boring and make you feel like you are cheating. At the same time, you -and I- can’t deny that little black dress is the only instant way to look chic, glamour and sophisticated. Usually I feel much better looking at simple black dress when it fits the woman inside and there are healthy amount of accessories accompanying them. Maybe a simple gold necklace? Or you can go extreme with chocker or giant necklace with tons of tribal patterns whatsoever. It is always fun to wear accessories with little black dress because you don’t have to be afraid of ‘too much’ fashion-disaster. But always remember that sometimes it’s good to be simple (especially when we are wearing cut-out black dress by Alexander Wang).

Next point is to be aware and honest with your body type. Bring your friend/sister/mother/boyfriend (honest one) (nope, no boyfriend!) to comment on whatever dress you are trying and realize that you are bringing along world’s best criticizer and commentators in the history of your personal life. No grudge, no drama (you can always get your revenge when they try their dresses/clothes/wedding dresses. Ha!). And be honest with yourself, it’s hard to believe, but there are people who can’t (just can’t! I don’t know why…) wear black even though it’s the most versatile color available in the market.

Ah, happy happy-hour!

Taken from Face Hunter