STYLE Loves: Wendy Nichol Bag

by gimmegoodstyle

wendy nichol bag leather

I always use a shoulder bag, but I hate it secretly and I had never told anyone until I see this super chic leather bag by Wendy Nichol. But first I have to explain why I hate-and-love shoulder bag because I know some of you are shoulder bag lovers. And I have no intention to make a bag-war on my blog, that would be nasty.

Anyway, I always have this strange pain around my shoulders whenever I carry my shoulder bag (which is obvious because I carry tons of trashes inside my bag, from my DSLR (I never want to use those ugly mainstream camera bags) to old magazines(why the hell I bring old magazines with me everywhere I go?!)) (disgusting!). That’s why I am in my private quest to find the perfect bag for my shoulders.

Well, the best sign I get so far is this Wendy Nichol bucket bag (the black one, not the white). And they’re leather. I know that I have a serious relationship with leather. It seems that every single leather item that I got is either trash or too fragile for my daily activities (or maybe I am a bag-destroyer type of person). But I have quite faith in this one.

What do you think?

P.S: Some people say that this bucket bag is for women (probably true). Well, I think it’s unisex. There are a lot of unisex items that look like for women only. Bah, sexism!

Taken from Garance Dore