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Residence Hawthorn


Imagine having three teen kids trying to figure out who they are and what they capable of at the same time. I will give you a clue: frustratingly killing. One teen is enough to drive you mad with his/her problems, but three? I can’t imagine… Do they (the parents) were the victims of free sex or what? Anyway, this case can be pretty ugly if you live in small apartment like many first-world people do.

But lucky for this family, they are capable of hiring Canny Architects to build an amazing house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia called Residence Hawthorn. I don’t know why they name it like that. The concept is simple: to make enough space for those teenagers and parents while trying to make them comfortable and as safe as possible. Not from som bad guys, but from their own destructive selves (hello…I am a teenager and I know how destructive I can be) (uh, sometimes).

I don’t need to explain the pool and it’s pool house right? I mean, it can double function as bedroom, if you want it (and I definitely want it). This home is classically big and modern and all those praises you can come up with, even though it’s a little bit too ‘normal’ from the street, but that’s okay. Having three teenage kids at the same time won’t feel that bad, IF you able to afford this kind of residence.

If you can’t…Well, let’s go look for the nearest psycholog on the neighborhood and how much it costs.

Taken from Fresh Home

Maxi Dress (Yes or No?)

louis vuitton

I never understand how people able to pull off maxi-dress look (except on red carpets and photo shoot with gorgeous models and professional photographers and a bunch of stylists, make up artists, blah blah blah). It’s just hard especially if you have eh, standard height. Maxi dress always make me feel like old mother trying to find a little time between changing diapers and cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper for her hubby (or that-jerk-that-has-become-my-husband-since-eons-ago) (duh, especially the ones with flowers and easy-breezy fabric). Eh, no thank you? That’s not how I describe glamour.

But I also notice that maxi dress is quite trending again these past seasons. Maybe this is the right time to look for good maxi-dress style? The answer is…yes! I found this stylish picture of Susie Bubble wearing Louis Vuitton maxi-dress with classic check-pattern and suddenly I am in love with the dress. Well, I have to say that I don’t really understand why she mixed the dress with biker jacket. Not really…flattering for me, but it’s better than nothing. Ah, and that yellow bag should be one of those so-called ‘classic’ items!

The only problem is the price. Huh, maybe we an write an open letter to Louis Vuitton? Asking them to have more discounts and freebies?

Just kidding.

But…is it possible?

Taken from Style Bubble

Versace Resort 2014


It can’t be denied that sometimes Versace collection can be a little bit too revealing. Well, it’s fine if you have a body like Alessandra Ambrosio, but it’s not fine if you have a body like a penguin (or like me). Sorry girls, but I have to break it up for you. And I am not complaining, but I feel Versace’s sexual atmosphere is too dense for my standard. It’s like ‘this is a brand for sexy women and look at my new tanned skin! Do you like it? It looks better with this leather-tight dress no?’ (this is what I call the leather-tight-problem). Yeah, definitely too dense.

Anyway, I just stumbled to the newest collection by Versace for Resort 2014 and I am going to say that….I love it! This is totally one of my favorite fashion moments. Everything looks fresh and wearable. From cropped top to tight dresses and pants, they’re just chic chic and chic! I love the way Donatella chose to go a little bit lighter (brighter? softer?) after her last collection (tight-leather problem, read paragraph one). It’s a good move, considering it’s summer and there will be a lot of suns and easy breezy winds (And beaches and ice creams and…I am going to stop). I have nothing to complain about, which is also rare because I love complaining and criticizing.

One thing that I have to praise before closing this entry is the right amount of sexiness Donatella use. It’s not like the leather-tight-problem (read paragraph one again), but subtler and calmer. I adore the way the model looks sexy and fresh at the same time.We all know that sometimes you have to sacrifice those natural feelings in your body in order to be sexy. Remember the phrase ‘I like to play dirty’? Forget about that. In fact, forget about all those sexy fetishes (euh…) and wear one of these items from Versace (seriously, no promotion here) and I am sure you will look sexy, natural and fresh. Win win.

P.S: It’s better if you ready your wallet for those heels. Hmm, it screams sexy and fresh (and summer!) all the way!

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