Maxi Dress (Yes or No?)

by gimmegoodstyle

louis vuitton

I never understand how people able to pull off maxi-dress look (except on red carpets and photo shoot with gorgeous models and professional photographers and a bunch of stylists, make up artists, blah blah blah). It’s just hard especially if you have eh, standard height. Maxi dress always make me feel like old mother trying to find a little time between changing diapers and cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper for her hubby (or that-jerk-that-has-become-my-husband-since-eons-ago) (duh, especially the ones with flowers and easy-breezy fabric). Eh, no thank you? That’s not how I describe glamour.

But I also notice that maxi dress is quite trending again these past seasons. Maybe this is the right time to look for good maxi-dress style? The answer is…yes! I found this stylish picture of Susie Bubble wearing Louis Vuitton maxi-dress with classic check-pattern and suddenly I am in love with the dress. Well, I have to say that I don’t really understand why she mixed the dress with biker jacket. Not really…flattering for me, but it’s better than nothing. Ah, and that yellow bag should be one of those so-called ‘classic’ items!

The only problem is the price. Huh, maybe we an write an open letter to Louis Vuitton? Asking them to have more discounts and freebies?

Just kidding.

But…is it possible?

Taken from Style Bubble