Residence Hawthorn

by gimmegoodstyle


Imagine having three teen kids trying to figure out who they are and what they capable of at the same time. I will give you a clue: frustratingly killing. One teen is enough to drive you mad with his/her problems, but three? I can’t imagine… Do they (the parents) were the victims of free sex or what? Anyway, this case can be pretty ugly if you live in small apartment like many first-world people do.

But lucky for this family, they are capable of hiring Canny Architects to build an amazing house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia called Residence Hawthorn. I don’t know why they name it like that. The concept is simple: to make enough space for those teenagers and parents while trying to make them comfortable and as safe as possible. Not from som bad guys, but from their own destructive selves (hello…I am a teenager and I know how destructive I can be) (uh, sometimes).

I don’t need to explain the pool and it’s pool house right? I mean, it can double function as bedroom, if you want it (and I definitely want it). This home is classically big and modern and all those praises you can come up with, even though it’s a little bit too ‘normal’ from the street, but that’s okay. Having three teenage kids at the same time won’t feel that bad, IF you able to afford this kind of residence.

If you can’t…Well, let’s go look for the nearest psycholog on the neighborhood and how much it costs.

Taken from Fresh Home