Nanny’s Pavillon

by gimmegoodstyle


I was glad I did spend some quality time with my sister, who is not really quality at all, because she was kind enough to pay the bills and forget to ask me to pay for my foods. Ha! I should order something more expensive. Anyway, we were strolling down the park when she suddenly craved for Nanny’s Pavillon. It is a pancake restaurant/cafe which basically focus on Italian home-cooked foods. Yeah, all those ‘family homemade cookings’ things combine with business instinct can create one of the most happening restaurant in Jakarta. Before we start this review, I have to say that I am not a big fan of pancakes or Nanny’s, but I am in objective mode here and trying my best not to be such an asshole. At least, I am trying to be an objective asshole.

Let’s start with the interior, which I love soo much because they just went through a re-construction and opened new, greener space for dining. Everything looks beautiful and fresh and very…girly. Doesn’t matter. Still quite lovely for me even though they decided to divide the restaurant into two parts and can be quite confusing for newbies. I had a great time photographing the interior until the servant (male) came up with such blank expression and asked me what I want for main dish. Okay…not the best servant in the world, but still objective mode.

I chose to settle for fried buttermilk mushroom, strawberry waffle, blueberry lemonade, mint lemonade and Hubert chicken fettucini. I know that’s too much for two persons, but…we were starving. No judgement!

Fried Buttermilk Mushroom

Do you know the term of ‘too heavy name’? It means that a person/a thing has a really good long name, but it just a small things/normal person. Nothing special about them, they just have too long names. I think the same principle goes for this food. It just a plate full of fried mushrooms. I mean, there is nothing surprising in it, even the mayo tastes normal. It was quite an appetizer, but not quite a delicious dish that will make me crave for more.


Strawberry Waffle

I don’t know about you, but I like a thin waffle better. I always order a crispy, thin waffle. And…Nanny’s Pavillon had changed me. Their home made waffle is really thick and warm, more like soft butter bread than waffle. Surprisingly, I like it! I even think that this waffle really made the whole lunch became much funner. The only disappointment is the ice cream. Man…please please please give more ice cream! At least two or three scoops!

Hubert’s Chicken Fettucini 

Yeah the name sounds very country-like, but the fettucini doesn’t look country or traditional. In fact, it looks really..cheesy. Literally. Melted cheese is everywhere on the plate. You can find it inside the chicken, outside the chicken, inside the fettucini and on the top of the whole dish, making a cheesy sphere. I am a cheese person, even though I have my own limit, and I feel this is quite an entertaining dish. I found myself quite enjoying the fettucini and generous amount of cheesy chicken fillet. But maybe not the best dish for no-cheese-person.


Blueberry and Mint Lemonade

These two drinks are truly fresh and make those cheese melt away from my body to..the lower part of human’s anatomy. Anyway, I made a mistake by ordering mint lemonade because the blueberry one tastes much better. It has actual blueberries, juiced into perfect mushiness and mixed with sour lemon juice. Love it. My mint lemonade looks more like a bunch of mint leaves thrown into a glass full of lemonade. Well, still quite delicious though.


Overall, we had quite a time. But not as great/delicious as that time when we went to a ribs restaurant that cooks the best ribs in the planet (maybe Mars people eat ribs to? And they cook it better than us? Okay, imagination overloads). Good place to hang out and eat something Italian, but don’t expect marvelous and culinary-shaking (in good way) experience.