Wedding’s Guest Stress Stress Stress!!

by gimmegoodstyle

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Huh, wedding! It can be frustrating for the groom, bride, bridesmaids, bride’s family, groom’s family, the wedding planner, wedding dress’s designer (if they are hired), the mail man (all those invitations!) and the hotel manager. But one thing people forget is how stress the guests can be. I mean, of course the guests will just sit there, clapping hands and congratulate the newly wed couple. But we (the guests) also have some things to prepare. Like a decent suit for men and a decent gown for women. I really hate (and then love) when those couples put a certain dress code and theme for their guests. Like…blue jasmine flower color. What the hell is blue jasmine? Jasmine is purplish and now you want me to create a new color?! Of course, I can ignore all those codes and wear white formal shirts and sleek black pants. And be the ‘clown of the day’?! My dignity is at stake.

Not only the dressing problem. We also have to find the perfect wedding gifts. Ah, only God, wedding guests, store managers and Visa people know how hard it is to find a wedding gift. I always think to give those couples a photo frame. Yeah, I am a cheapo with taste for art. But frames sometimes only gather dust and can be the perfect object for the bride to throw during the first great wife-husband war (think Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You music video) AND I am not going to buy things that will end up in trash bin during post-war reconciliation in their bedroom (time to think dirty?). But I will keep buying those frames in the end…

I am dreaming to attend a simple and calm wedding party. No music is fine, no champagne and expensive toasts are fine. Imagine getting married in a simple ceremony on the beach (not always have to be on the beach, remember that Gossip Girl scene when Blar married Chuck in Central Park while Chuck is being chased by polices?) (drama o rama o rama). Watching sunrise/sunset with your future husband and vowing that you will love him forever (I am not going to talk for men because they’re such a cold-blood evils. Except me and other male fashion bloggers) (we rule the world!!). In short, stop the stress and let’s focus on the ‘real’ wedding. Can we?

P.S: I am looking for the suits in the picture. I have to attend a wedding in Bali and I desperately need a SUIT! Wedding’s guest stress!

Taken from StreetFSN