Cool Blue

by gimmegoodstyle

cool blue sydney

Sydney had done it’s fashion week and it successfully announced that it’s the new capital city for emerging designer. Well, time to say bye bye to London because I am sure a lot of fashion designs students will turn their creative heads to Sydney, Australia. Maybe I should learn some Australian slangs, you know…just in case. Anyway, a lot of new designers means a huge difference in fashion industry which also impacts on how people dress in Sydney. In short, I am trying to say that Australians will have a lot of new street style-litas.

Like this woman who wears abstract-patterned blue dress with unique cutting on the near-breast area (sexy!) with pilot sunglasses on top of her head. I simply love it. It feels like a mix between Amanda Earhart (the pilot, not the singer) and modern (or you can call it classic) summer style. Lovely (and I love a lovely style) (duh!). I hope more Australians do dress like this and then….maybe, just maybe! New York can say good bye to it’s role as ‘one of the four capital cities of fashion’.

Will you (Sydney-ers) (really, Sydney-ers?!?) be able to beat New Yorkers? We will see….

(I am in team New York by the way because Sex and the City AND Gossip Girl) (Which team are you in?) (I don’t want to make a war between Australians and Americans, but I just wondering…)


Taken from Jak and Jil