Missoni Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Missoni is never put soo much deal in my head. It’s like a forgettable memory, nothing really interest me to remember all the clothes or the details or even the runway (and I am really good at memorizing things). But it got my attention this resort. Missoni took us back to Riviera where the sun is never stop shining (no big deal, we also have an endless sunny days here in Jakarta) and the beach looks serene and a perfect holiday gateway (now, this is a big deal!).

Picking up a place to be the inspiration of your collection is an easy deal, but making people actually see it in your designs and make them feel more like a native than a tourist are like the best accomplishment you can get. And the hardest. Even Chanel last resort collection (the one in Singapore) only succeed a little bit. I could feel it’s giant Parisian aura swirling around the stage, trying soo hard to adapt with Singaporean more traditional spirits. Hum, not bad but not really mission accomplished (yeah, I did quote gamer’s talks) (this is not good).

Thank God, I don’t know how they did it, but Missoni managed to give me that ‘native’ spirit (even though feels a little bit incomplete, those blazers are reminding me of offices and works. Ugh!). When I look into those skirts and tight tank tops, cropped tops and knits…I feel that the model looks close to a native villager, trying to look modern but still strangled with their old patterns and stylings. Okay, maybe some of the looks do look a little bit too vintage and country, but that’s the art of the collection.

Anyway, I find that this is a really entertaining, but a little too…passive? Not really sexy? An almost failure bridge between village-y style and modern style (a little bit too rough)? Well, still an entertaining and worth to remember collection. Not bad Missoni, not bad at all!

Taken from Style