Geek of the Day: Ari Weinkel

by gimmegoodstyle


Ari Weinkel sounded a little bit strange when I first heard his name. But after googling and gathering information about him for a little bit more, I found out that he is a really cool graphic designer and..artist. Yeah, it’s easier to call all those creative people as artists because I don’t really know what kind of term that they prefer.

Anyway, Ari created these pictures for Depthcore about animal spirits (or bodies?) in abstract forms. They look a little bit creepy and not really colorful at all, but I instantly like them. It’s like seeing the animals from different world (not different point of view), I can imagine them flying around in after-life world, looking for salvation or even revenge to humanity (yeah, all those creepy global warming and pollutions) and Ari is the only one that notice their angry spirits floating around us and he finally managed to paint them (well, think The Sixth Scene). Okay, not an encouraging story. In short, this is a new and unique designs that I find beautiful and dark.

A little bit darkness is like spices in our lives, isn’t it?

Taken from Illusion.Scene360

ari-weinkle-03 ari-weinkle-02