Sunday Clown

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-05-22 17:38:36 +00001

Happy Sunday (or at least it’s Sunday here in Jakarta)! Sunday is such a strange day for me. On one side, I totally into Sunday with all of it’s happiness and mini holiday spirit (I save up the giant holiday spirit for Christmas). But on the other side, Sunday is such an exhausting day! I have a lot of cleanings to do and trying to do some sporty things to convince my body that I do try to be a healthy human (it always failed by the way) and I always feel this kind of uneasiness around 6 in the evening because I know that Sunday will soon be over and being replaced once again by…Monday! Noooo…..!!!!

But let’s drop all the drama and start enjoying Sunday. When we are talking about Sunday’s style, I am thinking about something less glamorous, something more…relaxed and comfortable.

But once again, this is a high-fashion blog (is it? I am not sure either) and Sunday doesn’t mean no designer clothes and forever-GAP style (maybe I am being a little bit cocky) (let’s say that this is my alter-ego, the one that LOVE expensive clothes). Nope! Sunday is not an excuse to be too casual and forget about all those beautiful clothes in stores.

If you agree with me, then go grab one of these fabulous (but still causal enough) 3.1 Phillip Lim t-shirt which is quite easy to match with anything from pants to skirt. But in this case, let’s start with a boyfriend jeans (we are talking about Sunday’s apetite here) (and you need a lot of spaces for that tummy. No offense) and Isabel Marant’s famous sneaker/wedge (classy and sporty). Ended with nice touch of Alexander Wang bag.

See? You can be high-fashion and casual at the same time! What do you think?

P.S: I promise this is the last time I let my alter-fashion-ego take control of my blog. Or maybe not.