Summer Home by Urban Outfitters

by gimmegoodstyle

urban outfitters summer home

How slow of me! I didn’t know that Urban Outfitters (one of the most wearable, young, and quite reasonable brand for teenagers all around the globe) (maybe not really all around the globe, more like all around North America) has a furniture line. I should’ve guessed it at least because every major designers seem to really interested in making his/her own furniture design line. To be honest, I am not really surprised with this fact, I am surprised that I actually like the collections. Or the stuffs, whatever.

I mean, I do like hanging out around furniture shops, dreaming of buying all those gorgeous sofas (with custom made pillows) and all those silverwares when I have my own apartment (or townhouse) in Manhattan Island. But I never hang out (furniture-sightseeing?) in department stores that sell both designers’ clothes AND furnitures because I simply thought that all those pillows and chairs (and plates) (and rugs) aren’t as beautiful as all those dresses and cocktail gowns. The difference is just too great. In short, I prefer all those designers focus on designing and making clothes than making clothes along with some sofas to go with it.

And here I am, trying to take back all those previous thoughts because I do like all of those…home decorations. I like the tribals, the patterns, the spirits, the energies surrounding the collection (wait…I sound like a paranormal or gypsy-man!) and I am more than willing to buy them (or keep them as gifts). Damn, I wish I can decorate my own bedroom (my un-creative sister won’t let me do it after I told her that I am going to repaint the bedroom by my own) (and the fact that I am a sucker when it comes to building something)! Anyway, this Urban Outfitters home-decoration-collection is called ‘Summer Home’ and you can see the look-book in Urban Outfitter’s official website or…go to one of the stores. I am sure that you live just a block or two away from it (unless you live in country like Jakarta where all the cool stuffs located really really far from where you live) (life is totally unfair!).

Taken from Lace and Tea