Public School At Los Angeles County

by gimmegoodstyle


There are some cool schools and there are awesome schools. This one public school just go to the later. Covered in approximately 650 solar panels that give more than 75 percents of the building’s electricity needs, this public school in Los Angeles County, USA looks more like a Star Trek technology facility. I am sure Captain Kirk will be more than happy to study here during his rebellious childhood. Ah, memories. Okay, leave the Star Trek alone and let’s focus on the building, which is quite easy because not only the solar panels provide the energy, they also become the center of the building’s beauty.

I am sure the headmaster or whoever in charge has to congratulate (and give a really big bonus) to Brooks + Scarpa people because they are the ones that come up with this eco-friendly ideas and had already handled the same case in New Orleans. Wow, isn’t that great? Imagine learning without having to worried about all those global warming shits and trying to avoid black outs (plus, having a class similar to the one in Star Trek movie) (with a chance of having it’s whole crew sitting beside you the whole class!). Man, I wish I could go back to that naive boy mode again and studied there.

Is it possible?

Maybe I can teach something in this school….

P.S: I can’t find complete information about the school, maybe you guys L.A-ers (?!) know something?

Taken from Fresh Home