Yellow Then Gold Then Summer

by gimmegoodstyle

marigold sydney

Okay…maybe I have become a scumbag by keep talking about summer style again and again with different topics, so-called hot fashion items and new trends popping up every hour. I am making you confused. Okay, understood. But I do have a good reason for this matter, summer is like the time when fashionistas (old and new) pop up from wherever they hide during winter and show off they new fashion discoveries. It’s like much more stylish scientific discoveries. And we, bloggers and fashion writers, are the scientists, trying to classify those new styles in fashion hierarchy. You know…which is hot and which is not. Old habit.

If my theory is true, then I am such a bad scientist because I believe that every single trend that I’ve found! Like this marigold (or gold-y yellow) jumpsuit, I simply fall in love with it’s bold color and the simplicity (okay, the easiness to) of the jumpsuit. And the color really makes the skin complexion looks more exotic than usual, right?  But one thing I am not really sure is the drapery.

Yes, it wraps the whole look and makes the jumpsuit becomes much more stylish and not hanging around like an empty corn sack (NO!), but I am looking for something shorter and reveal more bare skins. Like short jumpsuits with no arms to let people know that this is the ‘real’ summer style. Marigold color and sexy jumpsuit. Who can ask for more?! (Maybe other fashion-scientists, I don’t know)

Taken from Jak and Jil