Alexander McQueen Menswear Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


One thing that people always remember about Alexander McQueen is how much he loved a theatrical show, it became his spirit and his designs and slowly embodied into his shows. Every single show used to be a giant opera with strong plots and finale. After his tragic death, I thought all those theatrical spirits would be gone to, leaving a lot of beautiful clothes with no emotions in it. Well, I am glad that I was wrong. Sarah Burton sure had learned something from her former boss and it included his theatrical spirit. This season’s menswear collection is no different. There was mystical atmosphere in the air, supported by smoke effect (or natural smoke?) and embroidered clothes.

People said that the show pretty much talked about environment with yellowish shirts and loose coats (and something about buttons?), it’s like Robinson Crusoe’s costumes before he got battered by storms and island and animals (I am blabbering. Believe it or not, I has never read Robinson Crusoe’s novel). Anyway, I feel more like it’s about magics and ceremonials. Maybe because those models’ ears look really sharp like elves with make ups and those clothes. Okay, I was freaking out a little bit because I thought Sarah Burton was inspired by Lord of the Ring whatsoever, which is not pretty weird but pretty geek for high fashion standard, but who am I to judge?.

And about the clothes, well, there is nothing too new about them (yawn, same shirt same coats same suits) except smart playing in patterns and embroidery. But those pants/shorts look a little bit too…strange. Casual mixed with royal-family-style. Uh, not really good. One more thing…that sleeveless suit somehow remind me of hotel’s butler/servant/bartender, I am not going to convince you guys to wear it. Believe me, conventional suit is still much better.

Taken from Style