STYLE Loves: Calvin Klein Watches

by gimmegoodstyle


I am not a watch-person because…okay, this is silly…I always forget to wear watch and when I do wear one, I forget to look at it. That’s why I never buy a watch or have one for my birthday. But things are changing, in fact, things need to be changed. Imagine keep forgetting what time it is in the middle of fashion weeks or when Anna Wintour ask what time it is and I need to dig for my cellphone and unlocked it and finally tell her. Fashionably awkward. Disaster.

In order to have a proper watch etiquette, I need a good watch to make me want to look at it (and remember it). My choice finally falls for these incredibly masculine watches from Calvin Klein. Those glistening simple metals and soft leather look perfect for any occasion. Well, any normal occasion (diving underwater and shooting some terrorists are not normal).

It’s good when you are working, when you are in the gym (maybe not really good, but you will make the entire sweaty-smelly room jealous), when you are preparing to have a decent dinner at home with your wife (wedding anniversary?), when you are taking a inspirational walk in the city (avoid gloomy alleys when people can rob each other without having a second thought) (and serial killers waiting in every single corner), AND when you are attending a very important social gala (the most appropriate).

See? They’re perfect…perfectly expensive.

Taken from Bryan Boy

Calvin Klein