World War Z

by gimmegoodstyle

wwz poster

Hello Brad Pitt lovers! Your idol is back in blockbuster movies war and he is riding on World War Z. Well, I am pretty excited to make the review and I mean no harm to Brad Pitt or his fans. This is just a pretty subjective review.

Okay, where do I have to start?

World War Z tells pretty much the same, classic zombie attacks to humanity kind of movie. The difference are it gives a larger scale attack with different settings (WORLD WAR, please…) and more drama to main actor. Brad Pitt plays as United Nations employee Gerry Lane and he has to protect his family from a spreading viruses that turn people to something similar to ‘zombie’ and at the same time has to do his job to look for the source of the virus and how to defend the humanity (which requires him to travel all over the dangerous cities and fight one on one -hardly- with those zombies). Hmm, not a bad idea.

I like the idea of showing the cities’ situations. How panic people are and what those zombies do (except eating and scratching and moaning) and how some cities are still survived with logic explanations. And Brad Pitt really managed to build a classic family bond, which is quite important for the movie (quite boring at some scenes) (but still cute). I also like the special effects and how the producers planned how those things attack, they remind me of ants when they gather around their victims. Deadly scenes come in perfect portions, not too much (call it sadistic movie with no plot and all about blood) or too few (call it drama) because if it happened…well, this movie would be pretty much unbalanced. And suck. And Man of Steel would be more than thrilled.

But I hate the cause of those dangerous scenes. I mean, do people have to be clumsy all the time when they’re in horror movies? Okay, I need to explain something first, those zombies attack when they hear or sense noisy sounds and you need to be really quiet wherever you are hiding. And those survivors always blow it. Everyone seems to be clumsy and drop everything from flares (FLARES ARE NOISSSYYYYYY!!!!!!) to soda cans (I don’t want to get killed by soda cans) to forget to bring their weapons (don’t they read Survival for Doomsday 101?!). Huf, old game new tricks Hollywood. And one (eh, two actually) thing that the producer has to explain is where the hell that virus came from and why?! These severe facts look unexplainable from the beginning to the end of the movie. Confused.

Anyway, this is quite a good movie and you just need to lay back and…just enjoy the show. Beware of those zombies! Gnaw gnaw gnaw…

P.S: Make up artists need to work harder…those people look quite good for zombies. Maybe they are in ‘freshly zombified’ category? Not sure….