Snow Jump!

by gimmegoodstyle

new york snow jump

Sorry to ruin your summer spirit once again, but the energy in this photo is really exciting until I can’t held myself anymore: I have to share with you guys! And we need a real break from all those menswear shows (a little bit unfair because I only did one review about menswear) and resort trends that will last for…well, pretty much 2 or 3 months before new spring ready-to-wear shows. Anyway, I have to say the truth, summer is not the best season for me.


I know! I always blabbering a lot about it and when it finally come I have to ruin the summer (and holiday) spirit by complaining about it. But I am such a sucker, when it comes to heat and sweat and, dear God, I sweat all the time during summer! I am really easy to break and sweat all over my body, which I hate so much! I can even sweat in a room with two air conditioners with less than 10 people inside (the room is quite small to). Maybe I need to go back to North Pole where I probably belong.

I miss winter and rainy season. Those two are the best. I love the snow that will melt inside your socks and make them all wet, but make your feet feel ticklish at the same time. And I miss playing in the middle of rain (sometimes storm. Okay, I am totally a freak), not wearing an umbrella even though I bring one (I pretend I don’t bring anything). And who doesn’t miss cuddle up infront of Tv during heavy rain (with a cup of instant noodle) (and soda or hot chocolate) and watch the newest episode of Gossip Girl/Glee (!)/Awkward/Modern Family/Homeland?!

Okay, enough! In short, I love this photo and I miss cool weather when I don’t have to sweat like a pig.

Back to summer….

P.S: You better read this article from Vogue. See? I am not faking the summer-hatred, some people just can’t stand the heat (and fling) of summer. Ugh!

Taken from The Sartorialist