Valentino Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Let’s talk about Valentino Resort 2014 for awhile because they’re really good when it comes to elegance and lady-attitude. Hmm, this resort everyone feels a little bit relaxed (it’s holiday and this lazy atmosphere seems to be unbearable!) and Valentino also did the same thing to their collection. From simple mini dress to straight pants, everything looks perfectly simple and wearable, nothing too complicated with embroidery gowns or super super long dresses. Nope. Lace and florals also make it into the collection, appearing as mini dresses and maxi skirts, beautiful beautiful…

One thing that I quickly notices is how Valentino still like to play with coat and jumper, even though it supposed to be summer (who wants to wear coat or jumper during summer?!). I am not sure if it’s a good move or not, seems to be a little bit out of place. Anyway, those jumpers (and coats) make quite an impression. Not only summer paradise theme (which is very very popular and boring at the same time), Valentino also focused on military inspired pieces and casual pants, we hardly see Valentino play with pants and military, right?!

Uh, I can’t say much about the collection because it feels very simple, relaxed, and more like an appetizer, it’s sweet and delicious but feels unfinished. Like reading short stories series, we are keep wanting for them to continue and finally able to read the magnificent (and worth-the-wait) ending. Maybe Valentino will make us all surprised with their ending…the new spring collection just a few months from now.

Taken from Style