Geek of the Day: Sunny Gu

by gimmegoodstyle


There is a big gap between fashion sketch and fashion illustration. Sketches are for designers’ map, it’s like the blue print. There is nothing too artsy about them, just pure thoughts about how to make a great clothe or gown or whatever it will be. But fashion illustration is the ‘after’ painting, it’s the art side of the clothes and only some seriously talented people can draw a fashion illustration. I am simply not one of them. Don’t worry guys, we are not here to talk about my miserable art talent, not today. We are here to talk about seriously cool fashion illustrator called…Sunny Gu. She draws soo well, I can’t even stand opening her website. Ugh, nope! Too good for me too see!! But you guys should see it.

Anyway, one thing I like about Sunny’s illustration is how she manages to connect high fashion and happiness. As you know, high fashion and happiness have…well, not a really good relationship. There is even a phrase for their relationship: beauty is pain. Or something like that. Sunny’s illustrations look done with that phrase though (time to move on ladies!), everything looks colorful and flowery and pretty much…happy. Okay, run out of words and breaths because of my jealousy. Ugh, I hate talented artists soo damn much, I wish I can become one of them!

Ah, don’t forget to buy Sunny’s illustrations on Etsy for US$30 (and above) (but not really above, pretty much reasonable). Don’t frown, I know you want them. Just close your eyes and I am sure these stuffs will be a great investment when Sunny becomes famous (after that, you can sell those illustrations or donate them to museums or give them to your children whatsoever). And I am very sure she will!

Taken from HonestlyWTF and Sunny Gu

sunny gu