Mary Katrantzou Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


I love Mary Katrantzou! Her designs are mostly colorful and exciting and…uh, you get the point. Anyway, she did try to play with darker print last season (maybe because it’s fall) and even though I was trying to be supportive as one of her fans, I was also sucking up my disappointment. I like her colorful prints better. Fortunately, those dark prints didn’t last for very long, this resort she is back with more colorful and fantasy-like collection.

I think she was inspired by holidays and springs (who doesn’t get inspired by holidays and springs?!) (duh!) because I see a lot of Chinese mountains (they look like chinese’s!) (please don’t make me explain what chinese-mountains are) (fine, if you see those um…scattered giant rocks on the river and there are a lot of traditional fishing boats with asian girls singing alone about river and nature beauty and some hunks that she misses, well, there are 99 percents possibility that you are in Asia and staring into chinese mountains) and flower gardens between all those explosive patterns.

Mary plays with safe-shapes this resort (no ballon-y dresses), there is nothing too bizarre or unpractical, just simple one-piece and some tops and a few pants and lots of dresses. I love her dresses. It’s like wearing a package of edginess. Just put yourself in one of her printed dresses with black heels (or white) (because white heels are still cool) and there you are! All different and fun and…spring-ready. Easy breezy Mary-girl! Oh, she can use the phrase for her newest ad-campaign!

Okay, maybe I am such a fantasy-geek whatsoever (hip hip hooray for Harry Potter!!!), but I think Mary’s collection is telling a story here. The prints are changing from one clothes to another, feels like she is building a fantasy world and she ends it with her last piece: off-the-shoulder dress with beautiful cherry blossom-river print. Beautiful.

Well, every collection has it’s weak point and Mary’s is no different. Those dresses are fine and those prints look much better than last season, but…the pants. Okay, this is just my opinion. They’re WEIRD! Somehow, those pants look very stiff (stiff pants are NOT good), the colors and patterns aren’t helping and I feel like staring right into Empire State Building’s windows…pants version (weird metaphor, but it’s true!). Maybe it could be much better, if she used bold colors with less print. I am thinking white pants with a little bit purple or black accents on the bottom, like the stylish version of mud dirt on your pants when you are walking in dirty-after-rain pavement.

In short;  full print dress? Yes, please. Full print pants? Uh…maybe not this time…or later…or never.

Taken from Style