STYLE Loves: Classic Louis Vuitton Luggage

by gimmegoodstyle

Louis Vuitton luggage

Holiday season is right infront of us (or it is already surrounding us) and time to pack your clothes and finally put your asses somewhere exotic. In fact, I am going to Bali next month and I can’t wait for the sun (heh, not the sun!), sea and beaches. But there is an tiny detail that people always forget: an appropriate luggage. I am not talking about how much it’s weight and how much you have to pay for overloads. I think overload and too much travel bags are too normal for us to talk about. What I mean is the shape of your travel bags.

I know that most people will go with plastic or aluminium whatsoever luggage (mainstream alert!), I have one to (and I broke it somewhere in Asia, that’s why I am writing this post right now). Even though I admit that luggage is not a really big problem during holiday (not as big as giving instruction about how-to-take-care-of-my-plants to your neighbor or trying to find a decent pet hotel or trying to find a great nanny with reasonable price), but if you think about it very carefully…luggage is such a reckless and fragile thing to bring. I forget how many times I have to change my luggage because they’re either broken or…torn up into pieces (literally). Well, I am also trying to forget how much money I have to spend to buy new luggages every year (not every year honestly, maybe…once in two years?). In short, luggage is a worrying and money-eating problem that you also have to put on your holiday-problems lists.

But some luggages are known for their durability and Louis Vuitton classic luggage is one of them. I won’t talk about the price, you and I know how much it will cost you. But think about the durability, agility, space, classic, and trendiness of the luggage! Don’t look at the price tag. Don’t!!

Taken from Park and Cube