Tribute To Dolce & Gabbana

by gimmegoodstyle

2013-06-13 14:19:51 +00001

Fashion is always intertwined with business. Sometimes it’s a good thing because we know how much dollars (or euros) can come from each season. But other time, it’s not as pretty as it seems. If you don’t believe the power of money and law, you should browse for Dolce and Gabbana newest news. Yes, the tax case one. It seems that the duo has been involved in tax crime and Milan court forces them to pay for the fines, which is not a good thing considering the amount of euros they have to spend and people say the duo have to spend some time in ‘jail’. Their lawyers are working, but the progress doesn’t look really good for the legendary Milan designers. At least from my opinion.

Eh, I don’t know what to say. If there is something worse than crime, it’s fashion crime. Maybe because we only see the industry as something covered with glamorous people who look really nice and always happy (champagnes and after-parties make them look even happier than normal people), we don’t really notice (or even care) what is happening inside. Classic comment like: we only make clothes, we don’t care about the money looks fine during interview with Vogue, but totally doesn’t solve any problem (money problem to be exact) at all. Dolce and Gabbana’s case is such a huge disappointment and I feel bad for them, I really think they’re one of those designers that really are geniuses, pure talents that only appear once in a lifetime. Let’s put some tributes for them shall we?

Dress: Dolce and Gabbana Jacquard Dress; Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana 70mm Velvet Inlaid Wedges; Fragrance: Dolce and Gabbana La Lune; Accessorie: Fossil Bauble Necklace.