by gimmegoodstyle

denim luxury sydney

Truth to be told I never had jeans before my epic school bootcamp (which is a nightmare and I won’t tell you) (bootcamp sucks!). Okay, when I told my friends that I don’t have jeans, they were all surprised and told me that I have to buy at least two pairs (unless I want to be eaten by our seniors) (to let you know, even jeans didn’t help me at all during the camp). So I bought them with a little self esteem and dignity (can I have the bigger one, please…bigger than this one?) and first I felt a little bit silly (my tummy!!!), jean is not my style. I always prefer something lighter and baggier (I was such a disaster! I know it!).

But time after time I realized that I slowly adapting to denim material (and people tell me I am good with jeans) and now I really like wearing jeans. I even bought two really similar jeans in one day and I don’t regret the purchase, I regret not to have smaller hips and stomach. Oh, whatever. Maybe I finally got my fashion karma (beware of this bitch everyone!), I used to say denim or jeans or anything that looks and feels like it is such a mainstream fashion item that people wear because they don’t have guts to wear something different. And I hated them. But now…okay….I am a fan. I am on the mainstream-list (eh, denim list) everyone!

P.S: You can consider that I am having my fashion-evolution right now. Denim-volution?

Taken from Jak and Jil