Pretty Boy

by gimmegoodstyle

pretty boys versus by j.w. anderson

It’s been quite a while I am wondering about this one thing. Why menswear fashion show always looks pretty much unwearable and not really in-line with what people can take? Sometimes some of the clothes look pretty much too out-of-the-box. Like embroidered shirt from Alexander McQueen? Sure it looks really great under the spotlight, but I am not sure if there’s a man who wants to wear or even buy it. And don’t try to mention Bryan Boy. He is out of the league. In fact, every man-fashion-blogger should be considered in other gender category (I am suggesting: advanced-higher-evolution-man-type).

And if there is a man who wants to wear one of those clothes from fashion shows (we are talking about super short shorts (!) and multicolored shirts and anything that is considered out-of-the-box), he will be considered gay or metrosexual (and there will be a lot of eyebrows being raised). I don’t know about you, but it is pretty much what happens in my…neighborhood. It’s like there is a giant bubble of stereotype in the room about menswear and people are fine with it.

Examples: a man wearing a tight shirt with skinny/low rise jeans? Gay. A man wearing multicolored shirt with bold-colored pants? He can be either gay (again!) or One Direction’s fan (not a compliment) (pretty much the same with gay). But a woman wearing military jacket and cargo pants AND she is doing that bald Britney hairstyle? Oh God, she is rocking that tomboy-style again!

Eh, maybe we should make a new movement for men and their wardrobes. Men-ism?

Anyway, when I told my friends about this theory, they simply said: you are talking about pretty boy. Huh, pretty boy? Never heard of that term before and it didn’t sound really good. But they assured me that pretty boy is a not a stereotype or a teasing or bullying. It simply just a term to refer a man who doesn’t look macho and does care about his style. And the most important thing is: pretty boy is not the same as gay or metrosexual, they are just blessed with cute face and cool style. Well, I have to admit it’s better being a pretty boy than being stamped as One Direction’s fan (eh, I mean gay) by people. Ah, I am talking for the straight guys and don’t mean any harm for gays (you guys are also cool!!).

In short, maybe the real consumer target of menswear shows is not men at all. Maybe the whole parties and billion dollars clothes that drag editors from all over the world are created for pretty boys! Pretty cool, huh?

What do you think? Is this the right theory? Do you have other opinion?

Taken from Style Bubble