by gimmegoodstyle

velvet attitude

Velvet is a tricky material in my opinion. Sometimes it can be amazing on the right person, especially when it comes as skirts or gowns. The instant glamour and luxury are the main goals (or purposes) of wearing velvet. But other times…well, most of the time…velvet can be hideous! Wearing too much velvet can make you look like a giant slug trying to find something to eat on the street. Slimy, glistening, and colorful. Perfect fashion disaster. That’s why I like to play it safe and small with velvet. A clutch or a mini bag is good or, if you have to, a simple skirt.

And I can’t imagine velvet being used by men. I don’t know why, but the image is not quite fitting. But there are times when I am wrong (uh, you can say, I am wrong all the time) (wait, not all the time!) and this is one of those times. This picture prove that men DO wear velvet and so far, they do it better than girls (sorry ladies). The simple ignorance and simplicity attitudes men always have when wearing clothes are perfect partners for velvet. That chinese-inspired-coat (asian alert!) fits his body perfectly, not to mention the traditional/ethnic vibe it gives to the whole outfit. Maybe that’s the real key of wearing velvet: simple ignorance and one basic item mixed with…eh, other casual items that have no glistening/glittering/sparkling materials on them.

What do you think? Velvet or no velvet?

Taken from The Sartorialist