Beach House in Cadaques

by gimmegoodstyle


What comes in your mind when I say beach house? I am sure it must be something revolves around old shack, sandy wooden floors, a little fireplace (winter can be harsh in coast area), and amazing sea-view. Well, you are mostly right. Beach house has been long associated with cheap old shack that squeaks whenever strong wind hits and there are a lot of possibilities you will get either killed by falling rooftops or big waves. In short, beach house is old (and dangerous) news, better go to some hotels and rest your tired ass in fancy bed and hot water.

I used to be that sarcastic before wandering around in Google, trying to find a decent place for holiday (haven’t find it yet) then I read ‘beach house’ section in ‘hot holiday spot’ (please…!). Curious, I clicked it and stumbled into a long page of old shacks, but when I look closer…this one in Cadaques, Girona, Spain is not half bad. Honestly, it looks quite great for beach house standard, hell, it looks great even for fancy hotel standard. I like the white walls domination and minimalist furnitures combined with enough lights and spaces for newly married couple or a small family with two kids. The wooden floor in the bedroom area looks quite clean and the stone ones aren’t really bad either. I can live with that. And don’t even bother to worry about the view, I bet it is as amazing as the house. Hmm, maybe I need to calm my harsh opinions about beach house, some of them aren’t as bad as they seem.

Taken from Lace and Tea