Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Karen Elson looks enchantingly beautiful in Harper’s Bazaar’s editorial entitled La Vie En Rose, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Leith Clark (both of them are two of the gods of fashion editorials) (simply amazing people). Eh, I guess it’s something about roses? Okay, maybe spring is not really here anymore, but among other seasons spring is the most beautiful one and I am not just talking about flowers.

The nature beauty, the fresh breezy air, the comfort feeling knowing you can wear sweater with shorts and no one gives a shit. It’s spring! Ah, and the most important thing about spring is…the romanticism. I know, some of you will frown and say summer has the best fling (or sex) (whoops!) in the year, but fling is pretty much temporary. But romance is a totally different thing (cheesy!!!). Now, this editorial will be a helpful guide for you to find something to wear for the incoming romantic moments (well, old friends that you already know; Alexander McQueen, Prada, etc), maybe not really relevant for now, but better keep your eyes (and wallets) open. You will thank me later.

Taken from Fashion Gone Rogue