Monsters University

by gimmegoodstyle


Here’s the bitter truth: I have never watched Monster Inc before. But I do know the stories and the friendship between Mike and Sullivan (who doesn’t know?!). I always think Monster Inc is a good movie that I don’t really have any desire to watch. Maybe because my sister stole the DVD remote when I was a kid and changed the whole cartoony movies to Memoirs of Geisha (which is a very very cool movie) and chinese classic hit-and-cry dramas. Ugh, my childhood is simply a mess. Anyway, I went to theater tonight and watched the prequel of Monster Inc, yes, Monsters University. I have to admit the trailer looks amazing and I have no doubt about the animations or technical things like that (we are talking about one of Pixar’s big projects, please…!).

But how about the story line? Hum, to answer the’s pretty much average for me. Nothing to be excited about  and nothing to be really annoyed about. The story revolves around Mike and Sullivan relationship (friendship?) during their college year, which turns out to be not the best in college. At least, that’s what the plot says. For me, the story is pretty much about Mike, his fears, his dreams, his overworked attitude, his…whatever. It’s not bad because Mike has some infamous funny behaviors that pretty much wraps the whole movie. Sullivan is just…there, he is the bad guy turns to good guy and bad guy again turns to sad guy and finally..a friend. Exhausting…

I have to praise the moral point of the story though, it’s something about work hard and you can’t be instantly on the top. You have to make it from the bottom fellas, like it or not. It’s pretty realistic, I have seen serious biographies books with same points and you better learn it from this movie than 500 pages of words and blurry black and white photos of someone important blah. The bitter part is…I don’t know, but I didn’t even laugh when I watched this movie. The joke looks too ‘Disney’ for me. Meh, I am finally getting old! Even though according to my observation, those kids (under 12) didn’t laugh a lot too. Maybe they’re getting old to with those exhausting iPads and iPhones and iTouch games.

The conclusion: average family movie which has quite a moral story, but also comes with old classic jokes (that aren’t really funny after being repeated for like…years?).