Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Okay, you got me! I am ignoring the menswear season this year because I am really not in the mood writing reviews and copying pictures. Please, I need rest, can someone do the heavy works for me? Anyone? Yeah, blogging can be a sucker for your holiday. But I can’t resist the Burberry Menswear Spring 2014 temptation. Christopher Bailey succeed (again) in making delicious collection that every man wants to wear. Maybe not every man, but most of us. This season Bailey took inspiration from author and painter, Alan Bennet and David Hockney. It looks like the trio come from Yorkshire and agreed to bring back some of the old memories back to the runway, along with modernity and simple Englishman masculinity. I can see that.

The colors look exceptionally bold, cheerful, and artsy while still maintaining clean cuttings and simple items like sweaters and things that we (men) actually want to wear. One thing that makes me praise the collection even more is the use of polkadots. I have seen polkadots a lot of times in womenswear, but rarely see it in menswear. Bailey in the other hand, gives quite a pattern show with polkadot shirts, scarves and, as sweet addition, striped ties. It’s like Burberry finally gives some spaces for artsy-fashion and cheerful moods. Good thing because I almost forgot what else Burberry makes except trench coats and umbrellas (duh!).

Some people say that Burberry is loosing it’s identity when Bailey (and the rest of the team) decided to go global. But I don’t think so, Burberry is simply evolving like any other major brand. Here’s the deal: fashion is a very quick business, once you are in, you have to go follow the flow (sometimes you have to make some splashes, of course) and keep up with it. If Burberry still sticked with it’s classic gentleman attitude and don’t want to loosen up a little bit, uh…maybe we can think other places to buy trench coats.

Anyway, good job Mr. Bailey and no negative critics for you this season. Best regards.

Taken from Style