STYLE Loves: Vintage Magazines

by gimmegoodstyle

vintage magazine

Nowadays, paper back magazines have become an old news that no one wants to buy, the digital era has finally scoop in and it seems we will be stucked with it for quite a long time. Probably forever. There are even some news (rumors actually) that in a few years from now, there will be no bookstore at all. WHAT?!!? Yup, no bookstore. iBooks and (and friends) are getting bigger role in selling digital books than any massive conventional bookstores and due to environmental issues (global warming blah), paperbacks will be no more than antique collection.

I am sad. I love touching novels’ papers and magazines, especially magazines.They smell so great and it feels much better in your hands. iPad or whatever a digital book reader called is great, but they are really tiring (my eyes…!!!) and I feel less smart reading from those metallic chics. Maybe because I know I will skip reading and go straight to Angry Bird-ing (and Temple Run-ing and sometimes (okay, all the time) Instagram-ing). I wish that rumors aren’t true, I really do. And if they are indeed true, maybe I need to go hunting for vintage paperback magazines…they can be really great investments.

P.S: What do you think? Paperback and digital books, which one do you choose?

Taken from Park and Cube