Geek of the Day: Moss Graffiti

by gimmegoodstyle


Who knows (or even comes in mind) that art can cost soo much for our environment. We try to save the nature with arts, but we are also slowly taking parts in destroying it. Well, maybe I jump to the topic too fast, what I mean by art is also taking parts in destroying our nature is the chemical waste industries dump after making oil colors or whatever chemical art material they make. We have to do something because, even though I am not an artist, I do care about our children’s futures whatsoever (yeah, just watched The Day After Tomorrow and 2012) (ugh, I don’t want to get trapped inside public library with nothing to eat except chocolates bars) (with wolves waiting outside to bite me and eat me alive. WOLVES!!).

And how about we start from the most popular and cheapest art form, yes people, graffiti. Maybe you are frowning your eye brows right now, graffiti?! What the hell is he talking about? I am talking about finding the replacement for usual spray paints. And the best replacement so far is….hold your breath…moss! Yes, moss! I think it is really make sense, moss is easy enough to stick on the wall and it is really soft which is perfect to make different shapes. Plus, they are as clean as wood creatures can be. With perfect green color, softer texture, unique textures and (most importantly) eco-friendly material, moss can held the future of our graffiti-paintings.

P.S: Check out Environmental Graffiti and Free People to get more informations about this exciting project!

Taken from HonestlyWTF