Strawberry Overall

by gimmegoodstyle

strawberry overalls

Every style has a weakness, just like every person has a dark-side deep inside their hearts (thanks Kelly Clarkson). It’s quite unrealistic to hope for a perfect, unique, edgy style which will make you look really great in every occasion. How about the classic little black dress? Boring. The pencil skirt + simple and chic blazer? Office. Gowns? Party only. Basic t-shirts? You will look too casual. Black on black? Someone is mourning somewhere wearing the same outfits. Sequins? Uh, wild girl alert!? The only thing we can do is try to cover the dark side a little bit. Just like in this picture, as you can see, she is wearing an overall.

Strawberry overall.

Let me explain the weakness of an overall. Even though it is great and has the same advantage (with sexier side) with jumpsuits (just put it on and you are already dressed up head-to-toe), but it also lack of cuteness and can look too ‘farmer’ style. Most people just ignore this fact and wear it on like nothing is bad. Boy, let’s just say they are lucky not to be caught up by fashion-farmer-style-police. But this girl does a little trick to prevent the ‘farmer’ punishment. It’s pretty easy actually,  if the denim and plain pattern aren’t working, just buy something brighter or bolder with cute patterns. A strawberry overall, in this case.

Not bad. In fact, she looks really cheerful and stylish and effortless. No-farmer-disaster. I like it, this style is pretty smart according to my standard (I have no idea what Vogue smart standard looks like). But just like what I said in the beginning: no style is perfect. Soon, other bloggers will eventually find out what’s wrong with this trick. We just have to be happy and always try different styles.

Taken from Street Peeper