STYLE Loves: Skateboarding Thing

by gimmegoodstyle


I am not good at any sports and maybe never will because…I just hate sports. But I tell you a million times already and I will tell you one more time: I really like sporty style. In fact, I keep tons of basketball shorts and thinking about buying jersey shirts because they’re really soft and comfortable, even though I have to bear the embarrassment when people ask me wether Lakers win last night or not after looking at my shorts. What the hell Lakers is dude? I am kidding, I know what Lakers is, just checked it out on the net. Not only comfortable, sports is also a good style reference. Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Thakoon, every designer wants a little bit of sporty spirit and they do it great.

Except for one small detail…sport is an activity. It is not a noun, it’s a verb. In order to get a cool sporty style, you have to do sports first. Well, nothing too intense, maybe a short jogging around the Central Park or…skateboarding. Okay, maybe you are not that young anymore, but skateboarding is hot in fashion. Even Prada made a collection about skateboard once (I forget, but I am quite sure), Teen Vogue did it, Marc Jacobs also took a part. And it’s fun! Plus, skateboarding can be the instant way to get Punk-ed style (one of the most popular styles. You’ll thank me later) (or not). Interested? Just don’t forget to wear helmet, body protections and bring a really good Aspirin. G’luck!

P.S: A little weather reminder: do the skateboarding thing now, if you are interested, when the summer still raging and sunny days are easy to get.

Taken from The Sartorialist