Smokey Lounge

by gimmegoodstyle

smokers' masculinity

What do you think about smokers? Nah, I am asking you guys, non-smokers. Maybe most of you will say that smoking is disgusting, who wants to put chemical poisons into their lungs? Morons. But a few of you probably think that those smokers do have bad times or good times and want to loose some nerves, no big deal. Just don’t forget to cover our mouths and noses (and eyes). I won’t try to create ‘asthma-patient’ dialogue. I can imagine it and it is not pretty or appropriate for the blog. O-la-la!

Anyway, I agree that smoking is bad, but I am cool with smokers when they do their ‘thing’ inside smoking zones. Yeah, those cubicles of glasses with no magazines and only wooden bench to sit on? Perfect. I can’t lie that smoking is not quite a fashion statement though. It is indeed one of popular fashion statements. Please, don’t frown. Fashion is an industry that’s quite easy to adapt and absorb a lot of things as inspirations, most of them are great (like butterflies, natures, animals), some of them are….well, not really cool (piercings, metals, S&M). Smoking is definitely the later. But it still looks somehow good! Kate Moss does it, Marc Jacobs does it (is he still smoking?), Bryan Boy is always looking for a pack of cigar, even though he is in Korea or wherever he is, every ‘it’ person does it (on air OR off air).

My defends are: smoking reminds me of that smoke machine effect which creates super dramatic outfits for editorial, and smoking is always intertwined with rock or punk (again!) style and I love rock-punk style, bad boy/girl thing is also kind of my thing. Smoking also quickly associated with masculinity, every good gentleman smokes once or twice in a while and, man…they do it right! Two fingers on the cigar, good tailored coat, sometimes a beanie to cover that smooth blonde hair, and a sharp eyes looking at the horizon, planning the massive future with you as ‘the one’. Please, same case with girls. Smoking is bad, but don’t judge it too harsh. As long as it is controlled and you realize that, at one point, you have to let the smokes go away…I think you will be fine.

What do you want to say? A little bit smoke effects or no-thank-you?

Taken from Le-21Eme