T by Alexander Wang Menswear Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


White, patterns, more exploration in colors, bold again an again. Those are what I’ve seen so far during menswear. I am not going to complain about the trends because I used to cheer designers to go explore the ‘other side’ of men’s style. So, no rain on your parade today. Phew! But I like to say that there is always one designer that play it different, even though not that different because the logic is: he stays the same while others play different. Uh, annoying logic. Okay, so the point is: T by Alexander Wang takes different approach with simple collection of black, sporty materials, simple (almost nothing special) items, and I instantly like the collection.

Starts with beige/creme-de-la-creme pieces, Wang continues the collection with white t-shirts and super cool shorts, after that masculine black comes in shapes of sport jackets and geometric-patterned sweaters before the collection ends…almost perfect. I think the reason I like the collection is not because the clothes are amazing, they’re cool but nothing worth to feel ‘OMG-this-is-insanely-great!!!!’ thing. I like it because it’s different than others. When other designers are fiercely chasing colors, Wang stays still and do the collection just like usual, staying true to his aesthetic and successfully blew me away. Sporty, a bit too simple, casual, and ignorant are men’s (and Wang’s) things, and I was too fired up in color-up-dude-trend that I forgot the ultimate point to make it into the menswear section. Shame on me. SHAME!!

Well, if you are a cool guy with great body who are looking for good clothes that don’t need too much special treatment, go to this guy, he knows you well. Promise. And, sorry Wang, I won’t join the fans lining up infront of your store because I will look like fat-panda inside your clothes (they look really soft and reveal the naked body’s silouhette of the wearer, which is great if you have abs. I don’t even have a flat-tummy). Bah! Let’s talk about Holiday-Weight later!

Taken from Style