Issey Miyake Menswear Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Ah, okay, maybe I do like T by Alexander Wang and all designers that still stay simple for menswear this season, but I can’t say no to Issey Miyake. When I first saw the collection, I immediately thought about artists and how they dress for work. Simple t-shirts with a lot of colorful stains that somehow create quite an artistic patterns. I love it. It makes me feel more creative, well, maybe I am desperate to find inspiration source. I like the fact that Issey is doing something different to the classic plaid shirt, plaid shirt is like men’s little-black-dresses, but the difference is…there is only a handfull of designers who want to work with it (and that color blocking blazer looks promising as the-next-big-hit!). As the show went on, the artist feeling began to fade and replaced by uneasiness. Pink, granite black and strange abstract patterns came in not really cool ways. Maybe this is what Heidi Klum mean when she say: too costume-y, which is quite explainable in womenswear, but mens? Well, strange (or rare) case, mens are used to be under-dressed.

Tunic, shorts and pants come and go with reckless styling and rough attitude, I don’t know about you, but I feel like jumping from painter’s loft into an adventure in mountains with rebellious yet artsy travelers. Issey gives us one of the most colorful shows, some of the pieces are messy good, but some of them are just not my style (or anyone’s style).

I’ll give a lot of credits for his braveness in mixing colors, feel rebellious and fresh at the same time (it is hard to feel fresh in fashion, designers are easily ‘inspired’ by other designers). Even though, it becomes slightly annoying at one point on the show. I have to admit it is hard to balance the explosiveness of colors, they’re like bad kids and we are the parents, trying desperately (shouts, sweats and tears of shame involve)  to control their behaviors. Sometimes we’re good, other times….we are not. Now, the question is….what kind of parents are you guys?

Taken from Style