Fairmont Pacific Rim Penthouse

by gimmegoodstyle


Apartment is today’s trendiest choice for urbaners. It costs less than a town house, need less attention, and come with great security. But some of them can be really…expensive. We are talking about another level of an apartment. Yes, people, the penthouse. Penthouse  is like the dream achievement for people who live, or want to live, in apartment. It floats high on the sky, as large as the building (sometimes even larger with extra panels or whatever architects call those extra tiles), and come in really high price. But I never thought that a penthouse can cost as much as $21,000,000. Yes, 21-fucking-million-dollars and it is located in Vancouver, Canada.

I have to admit though that this penthouse has the best view of Vancouver with it’s forest, river (is that river?) and townscape whatsoever, but 21 million is just really expensive. I don’t even know if my arms and legs cost that much. Hmm, maybe I should try to sell my liver…just kidding. The penthouse come with 4 bedrooms (okay, this tricky, Fresh Home writes ‘3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms’, I pick the later because it sounds more…reasonable, but I  only have 3 bedrooms pictures so…whatever!), really hip kitchen and luxurious living room. I love the strong colors the decorator picked. Lime green, purple, brown, pink, black, and silver all blurred into one solid harmony (along with the velvet-like textures, wooden kitchen and sleek furnitures), which gives the penthouse’s price almost sounds make sense.

Anyway, this piece of high-lifestyle is on sale and if you are interested, just look for Fairmont Pacific Rim’s numbers on Google, make a call, go to Vancouver and hand the salesperson your 21 million dollars. Ugh, just by typing the price, gets me ghost-bumps! Ah, for your info only, those furnitures…I am not sure if they’re included on the offer or not. Please, do your own research while I mourn my defeat. In peace.

Taken from Fresh Home