Thanks God, Sneakers!

by gimmegoodstyle


How many times do you see sneakers on the runway (menswear because men are dominating this week)? Maybe not really much because all those shiny leather oxford/monk-straps/brogues shoes  are killing them. But if you look to the real world, sneakers are the kings of the street. They’re literally everywhere! From Upper East Side to Brooklyn and go straight to Paris without even changing their shapes. Sneakers are men’s most beloved shoes.

Anyway when I told my friends that sneaker might be the true ‘king’ of fashion, they frowned and said: No way! Sneakers are cool, but they are still something you wear for rolling on the mud or things like that! Well, I do agree that my sneakers are the ‘object of torture’ during my exercises (what exercise?!!?) (I never do sports, if there is no need to do that) and after that I leave them in shame and miserable conditions before ‘monthly cleaning’ date. What a mess. I get a little bit theory though, maybe we are the ones that don’t appreciate sneakers. Maybe we have forgotten the real potential sneakers can give. After all the good times they have given to us…Okay, the point is: sneakers can be worn anytime, anywhere. You just have to be smart enough to mix-match them guys.

When you go to event like fashion shows, you might want to change from t-shirts to casual blazer and simple shirt. No need to put on tie though because what we want is to get semi-formal look and tie can ruin everything (and get you unnecessary years)(tie and suit can be a real disaster for sneakers, if you get it wrong. This is one of rare times when less is actually more). But if you never get invited to fashion week like me, well, t-shirts and jeans will be soulmate to our sneakers. Oh, need a little trip to the gym? Change the jeans to shorts and those sneakers are still good to go.

Easy, right? Realize it or not, the king of fashion is not jeans or even t-shirts, they still somehow trying to control you, making you go home and change the entire outfit because it is just wrong. The real king, I think, is sneakers, they’re soo versatile and simple (and cheap) and always be loved by people. At least, I love mine. After the monthly cleaning and before the torture.

Taken from Jak and Jil