Lighter Denim

by gimmegoodstyle

light denim

We’ve talked about denim before and I still think denim is great. It is very comfortable (soo much for a guy that just bought jeans) (and blogged about it) and very much indestructible. But just like I once said, every style has a dark side. And even though it looks like denim has no dark side at all, it has actually. Denim can be very heavy at some point in an outfit. You can wear it in order to look casually chic, but you can end up like…a hiker or, even worse, a hiker who hasn’t clean him/herself in million years. It is okay actually, but if you are a fashion-conscious people, you definitely don’t want to be caught dead with that kind of look. Let’s look for a lighter denim shall we? Like the one this girl wears.

She looks fabulous even though she chooses to wear denim head to toe (probably not head to toe, more like body to tights. Oh, whatever) and still look amazingly light and chic and simple and I am going to stop because this is getting annoying even for me. The color of the shirt compromises her skin color and looks quite good with the shorts, even though it can be a little tricky because light-blue and white can merge into one big pale-disaster, but it isn’t and it’s good! Maybe you can add a little bit accessories like simple necklaces or more colorful bag, but if you don’t have any idea or having a fashion-block (like a writer’s block, but more severe and can cause a lot of shame) (and suicidal thought), better go safe with small-size animal prints (the heels, for example) and back-to-basic accessorie. After all, I think denim doesn’t have a really dangerous dark side. More like… grayish side. But who knows what can happen in fashion..good or bad.

P.S: Light denim is also a perfect item for your summer vacation, just remember to clean it properly! It’s not as durable as your usual jeans. But you should’ve known that already when you play with stains and ugh, whatever dirt you’ll come up with.

Taken from Carolines Mode