Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


WOW, fashion weeks never really stop after all. Hmm, I am starting to feel the hard works fashion journalist do. Maybe I will reconsider being one of them. Okay, I am going to admit that I have been lazing around and watching Project Runway again and again, one thing I learn from the show: I am glad not to be in their shoes. Having Tim and Heidi Klum taking down my designs would be an unbearable misery, shout out to those designers. O-kay….where were we? Right, fashion weeks never really stop. I have so many things I want to share with you from Resort and Menswear shows, but Haute Couture is here and finally, finally, a newly recovered line, Schiaparelli, showed it’s first collection.

I am very excited! It’s not Schiaparelli of course, she was great and she is gone. Christian Lacroix took the reign and he is still considered as one of best couturiers alive that doesn’t need to simplify his collection. He is a show stopper and he doesn’t need to compromise with that fact. But in fashion, the line between show-stopper and costume-y is incredibly thin. Christian Lacroix just blurred that line all together.

Green, red, black, leather, shiny embellishment and furs are back to the runway…wait, more like on the showcase because I only get these photos showing gowns on manequins instead of models (are we allowed to touch those magnificent pieces? Can we?!). Well, no problem. I see baggy pants, volumed tops, light dresses, fur boots and a lot of bizarre headwear. They’re beautiful, but too much for my style. When I hear ‘Schiaparelli’, I definitely think about old elegance. No fur, no headwear, just gowns that are beautifully decorated with master skills. Lacroix did the decoration and master skill things, but also added his touch of drama and theatrical, resulting in some ‘too colorful’ ‘too big’ ‘too dangerous’ gowns.

This collection feels like a brutal way to stop a show, you know, just walk into the room with strange hat and big gown and people will look at you. Mission completed, but what about their reactions? Are they liking it? Are they hating it? Apart from that, the colors are truly enchanting, the fabrics look expensive and those shiny embellishments? They’re drop dead gorgeous. Just dropp the hats and change the shoes, you will be fabulous. Oh, if you can afford the prices *screaming in pain*.

Taken from Style