Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Doomsday. What an exciting theme for movie producers! Imagine how many different films and sequels (or even prequels!) can come from that one, single idea. But the truth is not only movie makers or actors who get credits from doomsday idea, it seems like Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld also jump on the opportunity of ‘the end of the world’ whatsoever. Karl created a vision of a future world, but also gave us a little bit anxiety by showing the ruins of old world. Yes, our world. And to make it even more amazing, he succeed building all those amazing theatrical stage inside the regular Grand Palais. I am glad that the ‘dramatic’ Kaiser Lagerfeld is back, he was a little bit subtler these past couture seasons, but it should be no problem now.

Anyway, the clothes look extremely amazingly beautiful. Lagerfeld described his last collection as ‘tradition with future’ and I absolutely agree. The tweed coats are there, along with dresses and cocktail gowns with clean cuttings, sequins and strange hats. Everything is classic Chanel, but the materials are different, Lagerfeld uses something more sleek, more glittery, and even with a touch of 3D. If this is the future, then I would gladly jump on the same boat with him to the new world. To make it even more spectacular, the show ended with Erin Wasson strutting down the runway as Bride of Karl, the wedding gown looks modern and sleeker than any wedding gowns I’ve ever seen. Well done!

Just like every collection though, there are somethings not quite right. For Chanel, it’s the giant  belts, ankle-stocking boots, and strange headwear. Actually those stocking boots aren’t really bad, they look really fierce and expensive, but the ones with grayish/beige colors seem misplaced to me, on the other hand, the black ones look fine. You know what to choose, don’t you? And let’s move on to the big belts and headwear. Man, that belts really compliment and weight the whole outfits in a second. I can’t imagine those dresses without the belt, they’ll look plain and usual. But at the same time, they just don’t look right. I prefer something more elegant, slimmer, more decorated yet still ‘Chanel’.

And the headwear, wow, it looks a bit…cat-like. Should it looks like…headbands or things like that? Whatever, it looks really pointy and reminds me of cats. I can’t imagine Emma Watson or Anne Hathaway wear all those beautiful dresses with that headwear, better put it down and create more elegant and less-cat-like hair style. Apart from those small weakness, the show is truly Chanel with a little futuristic touches. I think it’s great, it’s like a hidden message for me: Chanel never really changes after all, even in the so-called New World.

Taken from Style