Decorated Cardigan

by gimmegoodstyle

susie with embroidery sydney

I usually hate the term ‘cardigan’, it reminds me of that time when baby doll dress was really popular and no girl can get out of the house without wearing that hideous dress. But, like usual, Susie Bubble changed the way I look at fashion trend -or former trend. Cardigan can be cool! It can be sweet without being too sweet (you know, that kind of sweet when you have to hold your stomach and close your eyes because you suddenly feel nauseous).

Anyway, to be honest, I had a hard time trying to figure out what Susie wears in the picture. Is it coat? Rain-coat? Seems too light for coat and too fabulous for rain-coat (it’s summer by the way), so I choose to go with cardigan and the rest is history (well, not history, more like the rest is in this post). Back to cardigan, I think I hate it because not only it reminds me of baby-doll-dress trend (very cheesy), it also looks too casual and not high-street at all. I simply don’t like plain colored cardigan, sorry guys, they look cheap. Let’s go with something Susie wears. I love the soft pink color which is compromised with flower-black-squares embellishments on the shoulder-to-breasts areas and completed with a little cutie touch by those little buttons. Simply gorgeous and instant high-street alert.

I have to praise Susie’s skill in wearing pink too, she looks beautiful without having to deal with ‘match-y match-y’ disaster (Heidi Klum will be very proud of you, girl!). One warning: if you can’t do pink, then don’t ever try (or think you want to try) to do it. Pink is such a cheap and too ‘little princess’ color (which is okay, if you are 5 years old kid who still believes fairy tales do exist and all frogs will turn into prince after you kiss them) (I am such a dream-destroyer, I know) and makes me nauseous all the time. Pink cardigan? Disgusting, except for Susie’s. End of discussion.

Taken from Jak and Jil