Well, I Guess I Am Having A Vacation

by gimmegoodstyle

Yeah, after much consideration (and looking for cheap tickets), I am finally going to Bali for vacation! Yeah! Okay, maybe I am becoming a liar a little bit. I am going to Bali not for vacation, but attending a wedding of my uncle and his very lovely fiancee. I have my suit on, my sneakers, basketball shorts and lots of t-shirts. I basically the worst family member ever, while the others are prepping up for the big day, I will be on the beach with my camera or my Mac, trying to write a decent post for my blog and capturing beautiful view. Wedding? What wedding?! Ha!

P.S: So, I am very very sorry not to blog about anything for 4 days from now. Tsk, we are talking about no wifi/internet connection resort here. But I will be back with a lot of beautiful photos and stories to tell!