Not A Holiday Person?!

by gimmegoodstyle

rio de janeiro

Bali! Land of the gods or something like that. And the place where Elizabeth Gilbert somehow managed to find her balance between heavenly pleasure and worldly pleasure. Very enchanting. Well, I guess gods and Gilbert don’t have to worry about too much sun, red skin, dirty sea water, traffic, and don’t know how to rent a car. Plus, having to try suit that doesn’t really look good on you and have to wear it for a wedding party two days from now with Gala dinner tomorrow and somehow have to be able to skip the holiday spirit and go straight to family-man spirit. I don’t know how she does all those balances.

Anyway, I have to stop complaining and start enjoying Bali. But here’s the thing, I am a moody guy (moody is bad) and my mood is defined by places rather than people. How can I explain it? Uhm, you can say that I can’t instantly enjoy Bali and act like I have been here since world war 2 or something like that (which looks quite easy for westerners). I just can’t. When I arrived at my hotel (which is really good and nature-like, but small insects roam everywhere and I am definitely a sweet lunch for them), I unpacked my clothes, walked back and forth and finally found a free internet hotspot where I can write this post. Well, to be honest, I ran back and forth to find this hotspot. I even had a small headache, well, I guess I am not a holiday person after all. Okay…some of you are probably frowning in your chairs and think: enjoy the sun! Go to the beach! Go to mall!

Uh, I do want to go there (seriously, they’re on my list-to-do), but  the traffic is crazy and I can’t even find a cab (decent cab is as rare as moon stone in Jimbaran area). It’s easy to walk to the beach, but the weather is crazily hot (sun, sun, sun!!!!), even though the breezy air feels really good against my sweaty red face (disgusting!). I am really curious to see all those white-people (Europeans? Americans? Canadians?) gleaming with sunblocks and sunglasses, trying to absorb as much sun as possible. They are having a great time while I am trying to find shadowy corner to eat my lunch. Bah! I hate sun! It makes me all red and sweaty and ugh, dirty! I hate my own self after being exposed to the sun. Maybe this is not the place where I can find my balance, maybe I need to get somewhere colder. ASAP!

Taken from The Sartorialist

P.S: Speaking of The Sartorialist….I think he and his girlfriend (Garance Dore, queen of all bloggers) are going to Bali too! Well, I hope they bring their sunblocks (I don’t).