Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Omigod, I am back everyone! Finally, after all those super hot suns, grilled prawns, green-chilly grilled chicken and pork satays, I am back in my blogger mode. My holiday is not really disastrous after all, except for some socially awkward moments with rented cars, taxi drivers, wedding guests and suit-and-tie incidents. It was good, but we will talk about it later. I am in my desk right now, trying to catch up with the rest of the fashion world. It seems Haute Couture week is over (what?!!) and some of the major fashion houses kicked the week with marvelous shows, one of them is….Christian Dior. Raf Simons put all his freedom ideas onto the catwalk, resulting in twisted gowns and coat dresses and less-minimalist soft-colored dresses. If I have to tell you, my major crush from the show is white dress with two belts, one on the hip and the other one is on the leg area, creating a volumed maxi dress with enough space to rejoice the model’s body. And it’s white!! Uhm, bride-to-be can try to order this dress.

I like most of them and, well, won’t buy the rest even if I have the money. This season, Simons focused on what Dior means as international brand. Dior is not just about Paris. It’s about Asia, United States, Canada and you name the rest. It shows on how he chooses the materials and techniques to create the collection. Shinto scarves, dresses with countries’-logos-like pattern (reminds me of Nepal, Tibet), cowboy scarves (America!!) combined with coat dresses that pretty much reminded me of conventional British work clothes. They’re all merged into one amazing collection. I have to say that some of them look ‘too sexy’ (eh, I guess no one wants to wear sheer gown without the help of black corset or bras) (not even Lady Gaga with her famous nip-slip whatsoever), some of them are too…twisty/confusing/mixed (I mean, too much different materials in one dress and they can’t really connect even with all those master-sewing-skills). But I also have to say that this is a really beautiful collection, I just hope that Simons can work on the final number more. Stripe-pattern-gown is not a really cool final number for me. Um, too…stiff.

Taken from Style