Geek of the Day: Hu Shaoming

by gimmegoodstyle

urban landscape made of steel

When I was in China a few years ago, I visited a museum which contains hundreds of traditional chinese arts, from sculpture to vases. One thing in common is the skill, everything looks really smooth and expensive. Gems, rare stones, super expensive silks are the main ingredients mixed with old smell of ending dynasties. China is a traditional artists’ dreams. But things started to change with pop era and westren cultures popping up from all over the world. China is keeping up with a force it’s rarely knows and it’s traditional arts are finally starting to disappear, leaving what remain inside museums’ glasses. Maybe we can blame Westrens for invading us with their traditions, maybe we can blame free trading for bringing those cultures on the first place. But one thing I know, we can’t blame Chinese for not keeping up.

If you don’t believe that chineses are actually trying to merge two different cultures together (asian way to sculpt/paint and westren’s objects like women, people, buildings which you rarely find in the majority of nature-inspired-chinese-vases), just look at Hu Shaoming’s sculptures. Entitled Umbrella for his Cities series, he successfully managed to create a wonderful dream city (consists of 2000 different tiny buildings!) with steel as the main material and combined it with chinese traditional way of sculpting. I can see a strong traditional root yet, at the same time, it’s truly a modern art. Shaoming brings a positive wave to the art world, which are filled with massive structures which lack for details. It’s the perfect time to stop look for big things, look back and put some details to your works. Is that right, Shaoming?

Taken from My Modern Met