Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


I only need one word to describe Armani’s Haute Couture collection this season: Nude (okay, that’s not my word, that is’s). Yes, the collection is pretty obvious from every angle. There is no quote like ‘I am trying to see nude in different ways’; ‘I want to explore the new side of nude’; ‘this color which looks pretty much like soft green is actually nude’. Nope. It just nude on it’s fullest. And I instantly fall for it. Giorgio Armani had been playing with metallic color, spaces, aliens and Lady Gaga’s costumes for soo many seasons I almost forget that he does have other options which are much more interesting than galactic space whatsoever. Even though nude has been explored by soo many designers (young and old, new and…well, old), it never really loose it’s fans. The show started with barrage of daywear consists of simple jacket/coat, loose pants, and a touch of black from the chocker/scarves. The dresses and gowns came next with full nude colors, a little bit sexy Old Hollywood black, volumes, laces, tulle and sexy yet still soft and feminine corsets that barely cover models’ breasts-to-stomach areas. Hmm, bare skins and fleshes seem to be a new trend this Couture season. Wait a minute, after a little consideration I just realized that skin is never out of date.

Nude can be boring and plain sometimes and Armani almost fall for that. The clothes are amazing, the new theme is good for the house, but the stage is just boring. You might think that what important from a fashion show are models to walk on the runway, a dozen or more make up artists, the designer (with top stylist) and, on top of that -like cherry on a cake, clothes to amaze people. Those are essentials of course, but stage is also an important part of a show along with good background musics and a little bit entertainment (champagne? mini sandwiches?). When I see Armani’s stage, I can’t help but feeling a little bit drowsy. All those nude is just making my eyes heavy and sleepy. Imagine who will be interested to see the show, if they’re already too sleepy just to open their eyes because of small problem like stage.

It would be much better if Armani play with more theatrical stage…maybe marble pillars and glass roofs or miniature Eiffel Tower whatsoever? If you don’t believe my theory, just look at Chanel’s shows. There are a lot of reasons why Chanel is considered best-show-of-the-season, but one of them is definitely the stage (uh, hello? The lion? The Paris-at-night theme? The ice age?). On the other hand, Armani, which is considered at the same level with Chanel, looks pretty much surrendered to the mighty Kaiser. Come on Giorgio the battle of superiority is still raging! Apart from that, I can imagine all those clothes go straight from the runway onto the red carpets, on the likes of Carey Mulligan, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Michelle Williams, you name it. They’ll all look great and pretty much…nude (olala!).

Taken from Style