Balinese Adventure

by gimmegoodstyle


Yeah, it’s a bit cheesy calling a short vacation as ‘adventure’ whatsoever, but I like the word though, it gives me a sense that I am experiencing a lot of new, interesting things during my trip. I did refer this holiday as ‘nightmare’ and even dared to call myself ‘not a holiday person’. Well, that’s true, but one thing I learn from my four days trip is this theory; during holiday I have three stages of moods. First is hatred, this is the phase when I first arrived at Bali and feel everything is bad, everything is tiring, and even the foods cannot boost my mood (I chose to eat Burger King instead of local food vendors because I couldn’t stand the heat (and the oily, nasty smell)). After that, comes the holiday mood. This is the best one, this is the time when I feel extremely energetic, almost like a caffeine addict who just drink four to five cups of Javanese expresso (very very strong) and need to do something stupid yet exciting. The last one is the infamous lazy phase. Usually comes after realization that in a mere two hours, I have to check out from my hotel room (no…!!) and back to harsh reality of school, works (eh, blog?), and cleaning my house. Then sometimes the hatred comes again, especially when I am in the airport trying to squeeze my luggages into the check in counter with tons of sweaty people trying to do the same thing. Hate hate hate and frustration.

Okay, enough with the theory and let’s go back to the main talk. What did I do in Bali? Well, after leaving my dusty, grassy, woody hotel room in Jimbaran, I went to more beautiful resort called Ayana Resort in Bukit Jimbaran, if I am not mistaken, to attend the great wedding preparation (you know it). The difference between Jimbaran and Bukit Jimbaran is like New York and Manhattan. Jimbaran is huge just like New York, but Bukit Jimbaran is the place to have the luxurious holiday along with heavenly resorts and super fresh foods, just like Manhattan. Thank God, I did manage to rent a car and went to buy some souvenirs (just small ones!) before checked in at my new hotel, Ayana. I am telling you guys, Ayana is truly heaven on earth. The view is breathtaking with it’s private (yes, private!) beach and super huge hotel room. And I haven’t even told you about the reception place yet (a small grass field with antique white wooden fences and wild grasses facing the sea). But the sun is still too much for me. There was nothing to complain about though, it’s simply too good. Okay, you got me, after spending nights after nights in cheap hotel rooms, I need something expensive and Ayana came in rescue.

The wedding was great, the wedding dress is, well, not what I expected (I expected something from Valentino) (okay…maybe it’s too much, I am not in Vogue yet), but if the bride is there and the groom is waiting on the end of the aisle…even wedding dress seems to be a little bit unimportant. I got a small assignment to read the Bible during the morning mass, I stumbled a bit (forgot to wear my glasses, duh!) and then I went back to the hotel, all sweaty and disgusting, took a long bath (the bathtube is amazingly good!), walked on the beach (Eat, Pray, Love moments combined with Vogue-photo shoot-location-look alike view) and finally put on my suit. I felt super hot in my suit, like an astronot trying to walk on the moon with small oxygen left, but everyone told me I looked good, well, in the name of fashion here we go! The reception was funny for me. In every direction I saw women squeezed in their new gowns (or new from nearest laundry places) and men trying to have a good talk while sweating in their suits (I was one of them). It’s the high fashion moment for my family, maybe it was the first time. When the night fell, everything looked more beautiful than usual. The reception was held in the middle of small field facing the sea (yeah, I already told you before), so…you can imagine how beautiful it was with sunset, candles, and fresh flowers on the table. The foods were five-star-hotel-standard, the lightning was bitching me and my camera (blogger mode, duh again!), and the speeches were exceptionally disgust me. I mean, I agree with all the good things they said about the bride and groom (please, they’re my family now), but about how good love is and nothing bad can come from marriage? Please, too…cliche!

Marriage is a hard thing to do, loving someone outside yourself is difficult, knowing the fact that you are going to live together -forever- with someone, no matter what mood you are in, is difficult. In short, marriage is not only about kids and acceptance, it’s also about giving your young and wild freedom, your selfishness and trying to think for two (or more) people. It’s difficult. Just look at my parents, I can’t imagine how many fights they went through before reaching the point where everything is acceptable (well, not everything) and tolerable. Just fight your way through marriage life guys. And you will be just fine.

Anyway, the ‘adventure’ closed with sick way to the airport (sick of party, sick of suits, sick of my hotel room, sick of food channels, sick of Egypt news on TV (poor people, let’s pray for Egypt shall we?), sick of beaches, sick of my rented cars) and tired looking face (tired of holidays, tired of my luggages, tired of the non-sense food prices, tired of grilled pork satays) and cleaning the house. I did have a great time though and I grateful for the wedding invitation.

Congrats to Alvin and Irene! Don’t forget to send us (me and my family) (sorry guys, no family picture for ya!) your honeymoon photos!

P.S: After looking back at what I write in this post, I realized that I DID Eat, Pray (I went to church for the wedding mass), Love (family-love). Isn’t that great?